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3 Free Apps To Up Your Fitness Game

3 Free Apps To Up Your Fitness Game

Not just for crushing candy, your phone’s app store could hold the secret to better exercise adherence and workout ideas galore. These free apps will guide you.


Place your bets! This app allows you to set exercise goals and wager sums on whether or not you will make it there; checking in at the places you work out keeps you accountable. Reach your target and cash in – or see all of your hard-earned money go to the pot shared by other users. Urg.

Map My Fitness+

This all-in-one app lets you track over 600 activities, from running to hiking to – heck, pretty much whatever you can think of. It’s powered by Under Armour, so you know it’s trustworthy (no snark there). Bonus: you can also find routes that other users have tested in your very own ‘hood.

Charity Miles

Like the idea of making money while you work out but want to give back? Companies sponsor runners, walkers, and cyclists on this app, doling out hard cash to worthy causes on the user’s behalf. You choose where the money goes and what type of activity you do to earn it; couldn’t be simpler.

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