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5 Easy Plant Based Dinners

5 Easy Plant Based Dinners

5 Easy Plant Based Dinners

More and more people are incorporating more veggie meal plans into their healthy eating plans. Plant-based diets are really all the rage, primarily for their natural, whole food qualities and high vitamin and antioxidant content.

While the benefits are clear, you do have to think carefully about any plant based diet. In particular, getting enough protein in a vegan diet can be a big challenge, and plant based protein isn’t nearly as diverse in its amino acid content as animal protein. This presents a further challenge to those who work out and stay active.

In order to help you make the right plant based diet decisions, make sure you check out my article on Vegan Sports Nutrition here.

If you’re especially concerns about getting enough protein, I’ve outlined the Best Vegan Protein Sources here. There are a lot of options if you do your research!

That being said, it’s often day-to-day variety that is the biggest challenge to plant based eating. So to help you out, I’m offering up 5 super easy plant based dinners.

5 Easy Plant Based Dinners

1. Double Baked Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Wash a few sweet potatoes (1 per person) and bake them for 30 to 40 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. (If you’re short on time, you can also cook them in the microwave. Just poke them with a fork in a few spots and heat on high for 5-7 minutes.)

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