5 Houseplants That are Ridiculously Easy to Grow

I’m sure we’ve all bought plants for our homes and added that touch of nature and beauty in a few rooms. But because of our hectic schedules and busy lives—don’t worry, I’ve done it too—we simply forget to water them. Thankfully, the solution to our needs have presented themselves in the form of tropical plants and the best part is, they can continue to thrive without us for up three weeks!

If you’re in the market for plants that are super easy to look after or if you’re a newbie wanting to get your first houseplant to give some of the dead space in your home some life, then look no further. These five tropical plants would be the perfect fit for you! Why, do you ask? Well, they don’t need sunlight, low humidity areas are no problem for them and best of all you don’t have to water them often. In short, they are perfect tropical plants for busy people and those who are new to raising houseplants. Ponytail Palm Beaucarnea recurvata

This slow-growing plant is perfect for tabletops and has grass-like leaves that grow from a bare stem, which gives the ponytail palm a contemporary and delicate look. Its thick trunk houses the water supply that allows it to survive for extended periods without water and it can also thrive in medium light. Talk about low-maintenance.  Sago Palm Cycas revolata

The Sago palm has a feature-rich appearance from the feathery, dark green leaves that sprout atop its shirt stem. It has an unmistakable tropical look thanks to its bevy of textures and its wide-body, which allows for it to fit right at home with all kinds of interiors. It doesn’t mind growing in low light and prefers to only be watered once the top of the soil is dry—this one doesn’t like wet soil. ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ plant has glossy, dark green leaves that lead people into mistaking it as a plastic plant. However, the waxy leaves not only demonstrate the plant’s beauty, but they also help the plant to grow. Through sealing in moisture, the leaves allow the ZZ plant to tolerate dry conditions and are one of a few plants that don’t need sunlight—it can do just as well under fluorescent lights. To grow one of these plants, leave it in bright to low light and water the top of its soil. It can also make a great addition to your home office.  Snake Plant Sansevieria trifasciata

Its bold, upright leaves radiate a modern vibe, making it a favorite houseplant. Its popularity has grown from a decade ago and is often used to add beauty to a tabletop or is displayed in the corner of a room. This slow-growing plant can deal with all types of light and doesn’t demand much water, in fact, all you have to do is water the top inch of soil if it has gone dry. Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema

This versatile plant comes with many leaf patterns, sometimes speckled or splashed with hues of silver, gold, cream or red, making it a perfect decor in any home. A younger, smaller plant can be used on tables or desktops while the bigger plants are more comfortable on the floor. The Chinese evergreen doesn’t need much light at all and can even grow in areas where natural light is absent. They can also thrive in offices with fluorescent lighting and can cope with minimal water like the others, just water it when the soil is dry to the touch.

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