A Look Inside Liza Minnelli’s Abandoned Childhood Mansion

The Beverly Hills Mansion you see below was once filled with the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It was on Crescent Drive, and it shared the infamous 90210 zip code with the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, and it was the childhood home of the iconic actress and singer, Liza Minelli. She lived in the magical mansion with her parents, showbiz stars Vincente Minelli and Judy Garland.

Award-Winning director Vincente Minelli adored his daughter, and did everything in his power to make her every wish come true. In fact, it was rumored that even had a life-sized dollhouse filled with a large collection of dress-up clothes especially made for her on the property. Nothing was too good for little Liza.

One of the most famous families in Hollywood, Vincente, Judy, and Liza each won an Oscar and were huge stars in their own right. Unfortunately, Judy and Vincente got a divorce when Liza was just 5 years old, and the family disbanded. But the Beverly Hills mansion stayed intact, and Liza spent the remainder of her childhood living there with her father after the divorce. She would stay with him for half of the year, and with mother Judy for the other half.

Vincente Minelli died in this mansion, and so did his fourth wife, Lee Minelli. Lee was the mansion’s last inhabitant, and the center of a nasty and long battle with Liza over the custody of the abandoned mansion.

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