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Abs Diets that Work

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Abs Diets that Work

Some of us store more fat around our midsection and above our hips more than others, and others will notice that this will become of greater concern as they age.

The question then lies in what kind of abs diets actually work to keep the midsection lean and allow you to feel comfortable when you sit down without having excess skin fold over your jeans!

Let’s take a look at the most important hormone we want to consider in this respect as this will be an integral key to your success with seeing some serious abs in the next beach season…

Abs Diets that Work: Insulin

By far the most important hormone we want to consider when it comes to abs diets that work is the hormone insulin. You may be thinking that is going to go over your head but hang in with me and I’ll explain it to you in a very simple sense so you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

The main goal for insulin is to help regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism in our bodies and it does this by helping us transport glucose through our blood system.

What this means is that when we have sugary foods like soda pop and candy our insulin levels spike and our body stops using fat as an energy source and switches this to the sugars or carbohydrates which are now readily available.

The scary part of this equation is that for those who are constantly abusing their insulin levels by having junk foods increase their risk of diabetes exponentially. This in turn further escalates a number of other cardiovascular complications and risks to our health.

Abs Diets that Work: What’s Wrong With Most Diets

Your first instinct may be to completely eliminate sugary foods like most diets really focus on but I always challenge this mentality because I know it doesn’t work.

The main reason which it doesn’t work isn’t about your cravings either, it’s about your muscles needing a carbohydrate source for energy.

The are three very important times when you should have a focus on carbs in your diet – first thing in the morning after you wake up, an hour before your workout, and immediately after your workout when muscle cells want to soak up those carbs for your next workout.

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