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Benefits of consuming chia

This wonder of nature can consume pure, ground or soaked. In the latter way consumed in Mexico, a country that consuming chia would be born, preparing a refreshing drink after the soaked seed loose a little a somewhat gelatinous substance and mixed with ice water and lemon juice. You can also consume whole, roasted. Although Chia has many benefits, here we quote the 10 relevance’s. She recognized the power to help in the fight against obesity to be very high fiber content: it helps us to feel full.


It contains antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber .Its level of Omega 3 makes it an anti-inflammatory effective to prevent or alleviate diseases such as arthritis.  It does not contain gluten for those who must exclude from your diet, such as patients with celiac disease can be consumed alone or incorporated into other foods. It provides energy increases strength and endurance: for its high protein content and the combination of vitamins and minerals help us be consistent with our activities. People consume all ages.

As seeds have almost no flavor, can be incorporated into any cold food better not cook especially shakes, fruit, desserts, salads, and yogurt. I use a teaspoon daily in my morning cereal shake not altered taste and protect myself from many ills. They already know eat chia and have health and nutrition at your fingertips!

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