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Butter Coffee: Promotes Weight Loss?

I just learned of a new trend among coffee drinkers and those following a paleo-type diet.

Butter coffee. Reportedly, it’s made by taking brewed coffee and blending it with around 80 grams of butter, which is about 3/4 of a stick!

And, this concoction is being touted as a way to give dieters energy and promote weight loss….


According to The Daily Mail, this concoction was started by mountaineers as a way to boost their energy and calorie intake during mountain climbing in extreme conditions.

There lies the problem.

One cup of butter coffee made with 80 grams of butter will deliver 720 calories in liquid form.

So, essentially a person is taking a cup of coffee with virtually no calories and turning it into a large meal by blending in butter. Also, proponents of this new drink phenomenon are promoting it as a way to get “healthy fats” in your diet.

I would agree that butter is a better choice than many popular vegetable fats commonly used, but to promote it as healthy is a stretch. Furthermore, to promote this coffee as a weight loss aid is an even bigger stretch!

The fact is, most people who drink this, won’t be climbing mountains or spending time in sub-zero temperatures, but living normal lives- burning normal amounts of calories.

Butter coffee is in no way a weight loss aid, nor should it be a regular part of a healthy diet. Most people would cringe at the thought of sitting down and eating 3/4 a stick of butter, so why then would they be ok with it blended into their coffee?

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