Calling It! It Cosmetics Secret Sauce Will Be Sephora’s Hottest-Selling Face Cream Soon

The surface of my vanity is like my pores after a SoulCycle class: clogged. I am swimming in creams, serums, and lotions all meant to give me softer, smoother skin. Beauty shopping can also feel like this. And friends always ask me: what the f*ck should I actually buy? What should I use?! SOS!

I love It Cosmetics because their products really work (I’ve been using the skin care for about a year and have been satisfied with the results) and are not overly complicated. I often recommend friends buy from this line when they feel confused over beauty choices. It Cosmetics is an easy line to understand and use. For example, It Cosmetics Confidence Cream in a Moisturizer is one of my favorite travel creams. It’s the only one I need to bring since it’s hydrating enough to use at night but lays nicely under makeup. I have minis of it stashed in my daily gym bag and always pack it on weekend trips.

The brand just launched a new face cream for Fall, and I am already predicting it’s going to be a huge hit. It’s called the It Cosmetics Secret Sauce ($68), and it’s basically the antiaging version of Confidence Cream. Like the latter, it’s lovely for evenings but works just as well during the day. As an early tester, I can confirm it doesn’t pill at all under makeup.

But now let’s get into what makes it so damn special. The formula is just gorgeous! It could be the love child of La Mer Soft Cream (thanks to its dewy texture) and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (because it also gives you a subtle glow). The gentle white lotion melts into skin, feels slightly cooling, and then stays dewy for hours. My husband and I both put it on before watching our evening TV shows and collectively noticed it helped our skin felt moist for three episodes of Parks and Recreation. That said, it doesn’t feel greasy at all, and as I mentioned, it layers easily under foundation.

Secret Sauce was formulated by plastic surgeons, and while it’s paraben-free, it does contain a lot of amazing ingredients. It has fermented sugarcane and rice to make skin plumper, as well as coconut water, which we all know is a hydrating superstar. Sea kelp, green and black tea, white ginseng, and pumpkin all deliver more nourishing, antioxidant benefits. So while it’s adding moisture back into the skin, it’s also improving it over time.

But there’s more! Collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid all help fill in fine lines and deal with sun damage. The glowy result I mentioned comes from fine diamond powder, vitamin C, and licorice root. Basically, this cream makes you look radiant.

After a days of using it, the fine horizontal lines on my forehead filled in. Below, you can see clinical results on mature skin.

And finally, the packaging is on trend. The pearlescent tub looks like a unicorn created it. You need it in your holographic, rainbow-loving life. Secret Sauce is available online now and in Sephora stores come September.

Basically, if you need to KonMari your stash (me: all the time, always), this one will bring you joy.

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