Healthy Eating

Choose what kind of food to eat according to your body

The food is delicious, the body and mind is healthy, the life is beautiful, and the food is also colored:

Red food

If you are weak, vulnerable bullying by cold virus, or has been wrapped up in the cold. Under such condition, the red food will help you a lot, which born has the function of promoting macrophage vitality, and macrophages are the “killer” of pathogenic microorganisms such as influenza virus. Its vitality enhanced, cold virus is difficult to stand in the human body, let alone growth and reproduction. As for the color, the carrots contain carotene which can change into vitamin A in the body, play a role guarding human epithelial tissue such as respiratory mucosa, often eat can also enhance the ability of the body to resist the cold. In addition to red peppers, carrots, amaranth, onion, red dates, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc. also, the old red rice with this work.


Purple food

The United States Dr. David Sib through nearly 20 years of painstaking research, found that the purple Vegetable and Fruit contain anthocyanins, which has a strong anti – atherosclerosis fantastic role which can prevent heart attacks and blood clots caused by stroke. This kind of food include black strawberry, cherry, eggplant, plum, purple grape, black pepper. If you suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, often with purple food intimate contact benefit greatly.

Yellow food

Yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, beans, peanuts, apricot and other advantage is rich in two kinds of vitamin, one is A and the other is a D. The vitamin A can protect gastrointestinal mucosa, prevent gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases; and vitamin D can promote the absorption of two kinds of mineral elements of calcium, phosphorus, and then received strong bone work, which have a certain preventive effect of rickets in children, juvenile myopia, senile osteoporosis and other common diseases. Therefore, these people tend to focus on a little yellow food is a wise move.

Green food

If you are a pregnant woman who want to have a healthy and smart kids, please be close to the green Vegetable and Fruit. Because the green Vegetable and Fruit is rich in folic acid and folic acid have been proved as panacea by Britain and other countries confirmed to prevent fetal neural malformation (such as anencephaly, spina bifida and so on). At the same time, a large number of folic acid is also the panacea of the homocysteine which is a new killer of the heart, can effectively remove excess homocysteine in the blood and to play a protective role. In addition, the green vegetables are also enjoying “the best source of calcium in the elements of life” title, more than the reserves of calcium is usually thought of as “bonanza” milk, so eat “green” by nutritionists as the best way to calcium.

Represent food

Spinach: nourishing blood, anti-aging and promote cell growth.

Broccoli: can enhance liver detoxification capacity, and can improve the body’s immunity, reduce the incidence of breast cancer risk.

Leek: can warm up the liver and kidney, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, there are scattered blood detoxification effect.

Black food

Laver, black rice, black chicken and other black food popular on Japanese dining table. Because this kind of food has the following advantages: one is from the natural, very few harmful ingredients; two complete nutrition, quality and quantity; three is the probability of occurrence can significantly reduce arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other serious diseases. In addition, each has its unique ability to prevent disease, prevention and treatment of urinary tract stones such as black fungus, silky conditioning menstrual etc.. You must not leave them alone.

Represent food: Black rice, Heizao, Black beans, Black sesame, Black fungus

White food

Although the ranking at the end in terms of total nutrition value, but not an elimination system does not apply to it because it has originality, such as melon, muskmelon, bamboo shoots, cauliflower, lettuce etc.. These foods give people a fresh and clean feeling. For patients with hypertension, heart disease is also a lot of benefits.

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