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So there is this speakeasy bar in Milwaukee that Man Candy and I are obsessed with. It’s called Bugsy’s Back Alley Speakeasy Saloon and it’s located in DT Milwaukee. We went back in April for my birthday and it was one of the most fun nights I’ve EVER had. 1. Linley was there with us. 2. There was live music. 3. The live music was 90’s themed. 4. THEY HAD THE MOST AMAZING MOSCOW MULES EVER. I actually didn’t know I liked Moscow Mules until that night. I ordered one on a whim because I wanted the copper mug 1464668905-6098-simple-smile Then I found out…they didn’t serve them at copper mugs at Bugsy’s. It didn’t really matter because I was in LOVE.

When I decided I wanted to make a Moscow Mule on FFF, I did a little research on what exactly is in the cocktail. This included me doing research online and walking into a local wine and spirits shop in the Twin Cities and asking the manager how to make the best moscow mule. HOLY HANNAH IT’S EASY. What do you need?

  • high quality vodka (INSERT —-> Stoli.)
  • ginger beer
  • lime

That’s right…only 3 ingredients. Oh, and ice!


Today I am partnering with Stoli to feature their new Gluten-Free Vodka! Stoli Gluten-Free is a blend made with 88% corn and 12% buckwheat and it’s delicious! How cute is their product packaging? Had to [email protected] to work so I could show it off 1464668905-8160-simple-smile

FUN FACT: My liquor of choice when I am out (or even at home) is vodka.


One reason why I like making cocktail at home is because I get to use my cocktail shaker. For some reason it makes me feel really cool to shake that thing and pour drinks for my people.

These moscow mules are SO EASY to make! Lime + Ginger + Vodka = love. If you can find an all-natural ginger beer, I suggest using that (here’s what we used). I always feel like the ginger flavor is much more flavorful when real ingredients are used 1464668905-3098-simple-smile


Classic Moscow Mule

Author: Lee Hersh
Serves: 1
  • 1 shot (1.5 oz) of Stoli Gluten-Free Vodka
  • 3 shots (4.5 oz) of all-natural ginger beer
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice (~juice from ½ lime)
  • ice
  1. Place all ingredients (including ice) in cocktail shaker and shake until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Serve in a copper mug over ice.

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