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Conquer the FitBit Fifty Endurance Challenge!


Fitbit and Coach are offering amateur athletes an all-expenses paid spot in a groundbreaking event. Up for the challenge? Read on…

If you’re an amateur athlete but love to push your body to the very limit, you need to head to Buckingham Palace for the start of the Fitbit Fifty Endurance Challenge.

The sporting event takes place between Friday 30th September and Sunday 2nd October, where two teams of six people will attempt to run from Buckingham Palace to Edinburgh Castle and back – within fifty hours.

The challenge starts with a 10K run from Buckingham Palace to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The two teams will then tackle the cycling legs in a two-up time trial format, with pairs of riders swapping every hour as they journey north through the English countryside.

There’s a break from the saddle near Doncaster for the second 10K run, then it’s back on the bikes all the way to Edinburgh, passing through the Yorkshire Dales, the Pennines and Northumberland fells. Teams travel the final 5km to Edinburgh Castle on foot, before retracing the route back to Buckingham Palace.

Bear in mind that this challenge is no easy feat, and will require all of your endurance. The organisers estimate that the whole challenge will ‘demand up to 16 hours’’ cycling per person, and let’s not forget the 50km of running. It will push you to your very limit, as you” be performing at full throttle for at least two days.

Organised by Human Race, it’s an all-expenses paid event that gives you the chance to be part of a challenge that has never previously been attempted. The organisers have said, ‘This challenege is ideally suited to men and women with Ironman, ultra-running or long-distance sportive experience and with the drive to test themselves in a challenge unlike any other.’ However, they add that anyone is welcome if they believe that they can do it.

In return for participating in this tough trial, you will receive a variety of top quality sports goods from Coach and Fitbit, including a Fitbit Surge sports watch (£200) with built-in GPS, a set of Fitbit Aria WiFi-enabled smart scales (£100), branded racing kit. On top of this, the competition will provide you with accommodation in London, travel and meals – which have been nutritionally tailored for performance. You will also have the opportunity to receive some exclusive training plans and advice from experts including former Olympian and sports scientist Greg Whyte.

So let’s get this straight – you can enter for free, receive a prize that’s worth thousands of pounds, and also take part in a challenge that has never been completed before. Where can we sign up?

If this sounds like something that you want to try, head here to Coach magazine and fill in the online form before Monday, 8th August to be considered for the challenge.

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