Consider These Three Clothing Mysteries Solved

What is the tiny jean pocket for? What are hats with pom-poms so common? Why do women’s buttons go the other way? You could scan the world wide web for the answers or you could just read this article.

Tiny Jean Pockets

Those teeny-tiny pockets can’t hold most of our essentials. Chapstick and a couple of quarters aside, the space is basically useless, but that hasn’t always been the case. In the 1800s, pocket watches were insanely trendy. Men would keep them in their waistcoat pocket and attach them to a button using a small chain. This design, however, was impractical for more common workers of the time.

Levis started making their jeans with these tiny pockets just for the sake of the working man and his beloved pocket watch. Not only was the design more practical than the waistcoat, but it also protected the watch better. Throughout history, the pocket went by different names: watch pocket, frontier pocket, ticket pocket, and more.

Hats With Pom-Poms

The furry pom-poms on our winter hats may be fashionable, but they also used to serve a purpose in the past. One of the first records of pom-pom use was during the Viking era. The general assumption is that it was put there to hide bad stitching.

Pom-poms were later used by sailors who put them on for some extra head-protection when waters got rough. It also helped them avoid bumping their heads in the ceilings when working below deck. Pom-poms became fashionable during the Great Depression, as it was an affordable way to embellish clothes. They became even more popular during the ‘60s and never went out of style.

Women’s Shirt Buttons

Have you noticed how women often need to button their blouses on the left even though people are predominantly right-handed? Well, there’s a reason for that, and it dates back to olden days. Back then, buttons meant you belonged to a higher class.

If you couldn’t afford clothing with buttons, it meant that you also couldn’t afford to hire a person to dress you each morning. The buttons on women’s clothes were placed on the left because that way, it was easier for chambermaids to put then on then on their ladies. Times have changed, but this dated design has not.

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