Easily Decorate Your Yard With Duct Tape

Grab a few rolls of duct tape (different colors are recommended, yet optional) and upgrade your yard or lawn in no time!

Outdoor Pillow Covers

This is another thing that may take a bit of skill to actually create something that looks like a work of art, but if you think you can do it – go for it! Or, if you just need to cover your outdoor pillows because, well, for some reason, you really need an outdoor pillow stat, this is for you!

Maybe you’re getting ready to throw a barbeque in your backyard and you want your friends to sit in style on your patio? Or, maybe you just love this idea and are ready to create one of your own!

Outdoor Seating

In the same sense of making a duct tape hammock and/or duct tape stretcher, we present duct tape lawn chairs! While they would be waterproof and be able to hold enough weight for semi-comfortable seating, they also shouldn’t go anywhere near the sun.

Make sure that you store these in a cool, dark place. They would work best on a back patio that’s covered by an awning or shaded by trees.

Label Your Seeds

If you’ve got a green thumb and like to play around in your garden, you’ll love this next hack. You don’t need to spend money on artsy little labels for your plants when you can simply create your own. Get as creative as you like and use different colors as you see fit.

All you need to make these labels are some popsicle sticks, tape, and (optional) sharpies. Mark the names of each different types of seeds so you can easily keep an eye on their progress.

Make a Hammock

Yep. You can actually make an entire hammock out of duct tape. One that actually holds some serious weight. You’ll need quite a bit of tape for this craft, along with some rope and wood. Consider using lighter colored duct tape, since darker colors will absorb heat and be much too hot to sit on.

Of course, even the lighter colors of this type of material can get way too hot in direct sunlight, so try to keep your hammock in an area where it’s blocked from the sun’s rays. Under the trees in your backyard is the perfect spot!

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