EIGHT magical effect of orange peel for your daily life

Eating oranges, most people will put the orange peel away. In fact, there are a lot of health usages with orange peel. For example, orange peel can nourish hair, you can take a bath, with fragrant and soothing effect.

1, Nourish your hair

The orange peel soaked with hot water until the temperature appropriate, the hair will become soft and smooth.

2, Take a shower

Put a few slices of orange peel in the bathtub, with fragrant and soothing effect.

3, Mildew sterilization

After squeezing the orange juice, adding ten times of water, used for wiping the table, which can play the role of sterilization mildew.


4, Help sleep

Fresh orange peel pieces, put on the pillow, smell the fragrance of insomnia patients can play the role of sleep.

5, making tea

Fresh orange peel washed with boiling water, add sugar and tea drink.

6, Sparkling wine

Put the washed and dried orange peel into the white wine, soak for about 20 days, and then it’s refreshing taste will be mellow.

7, alleviate a hangover

Cut the wash orange peel into silk, cube or block, with boiling water to drink or drink together with tea, not only taste fragrance, there are appetizers, ventilation, alcohol, refreshing effect.

8, Do dishes

Collect the fresh orange peel, soak for 2 days in the water, then cut into filaments, and sugar for 20 days, became very tasty snacks, not only tastes sweet and refreshing, and the role of hangover.

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