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Are you sick of overnight oat recipes yet? I know my bajillion Instagram friends aren’t because EVERYONE IS MAKING THEM! Makes me so proud.

This week has been cray. Lin and I usually take Mondays to do admin stuff for FFF- answer emails, schedule out social media, do some planning, recoup from the weekend, etc. However this week, we jumped right into recipes. Between FFF and freelance, we’ve got a lot of work to do by next week. Do you follow us on Snapchat yet? —> FitFoodieFinds <— If you don’t you’re missing out on a lot of behind the scenes in the Fit Foodie Kitchen. Just saying.

So- we borrowed a juicer from one of our friends to do a client recipe and it’s like MAGIC. I love juice, but have never owned a juicer because they are really expensive. Can I just say that juice with strawberries and/or pineapple makes me wanna SPLURGE.

Speaking of friends. I gave this particular overnight oat recipe to one of my girlfriend’s who lives in my building (HEY ANG) and I’ve got her hooked on these bad boys. 2 weeks ago I literally had like 50 batches of overnight oat recipes, so I happily gave them away to people that I like. Anyways- Ang came down to my apartment the other night RAVING that she’s made these every day since I brought them over. Drink your coffee and eat it too, people.


PS: if you are looking for a nummy cold brew coffee to try…which is what we used for this recipe (you can sub for hot coffee, too), check out Bizzy Coffee! It’s organic cold brew coffee concentrate that you just need to add water and ice to and you’ve got yourself your morning jo. Team Fit Foodie LOVES supporting local companies. YEAH MINNESOTA STARTUPS.

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