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Health Benefits of Organic Food

health benefits of organic food

Health Benefits of Organic Food

Organic foods seem to be taking over the grocery store, and for good reason.

Although organic foods typically cost more, their health benefits far outweigh their costs.

Before you go organic, you should understand what it means for your health as well as the welfare of your environment.

What are the health benefits of organic food?

There some very promising research on the health benefits of eating an organic diet. Some of the latest research has shown that organic fruits and vegetables contain many more nutrients and antioxidants. This is because chemical pesticides cause nutrients to break down, interfering with regular growth.

No matter how much you wash conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, nutritionists have shown that pesticide and herbicide residues remain. This residue is then ingested and often builds up in your body.

Organic produce is almost completely free of these toxic chemicals which have been shown to cause a number of life-threatening disorders. Prolonged exposure to these substances may wreak havoc on your body over time and those goes to show why organic foods are so important.

All health concerns aside, most believe organic foods taste a whole lot better as well. Because it is often local, it is usually much fresher and has not been shipped over long distances. Shipping drains produce of nutrients and flavour over time, and often requires additional chemical use.

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