Healthy Eating

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Enough With the Guilt Already!

Desserts just sitting there glistening and waiting for you to reach out and take a bite…we have this incredible inherent inability to shut them out right? Well we all get cravings, and there is so many ads/fast food joints, coffee shops and even grocery stores tempting us every day and the guilt that comes with it is enough to give you enough stress to have to go through a rehab center!

But maybe the way we approach it is that it’s not necessary to reach for extremes. At the end of the day, a combination of regular exercise and healthy, balanced eating is without a doubt the best sustainable approach to looking and feeling your best.

Healthy Eating

One of the most extreme approaches to dieting is calorie restriction. While it’s true that a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) is often necessary to get in shape, reducing calories is not the only way to go about it – and it’s definitely not the healthiest.

When you restrict your body of calories by simply eating less, your body goes into a survival mode where your metabolism slows down. This is exactly the opposite of what you want to be happening. Instead, you want to take measures to enhance your metabolism. And you can do this by exercising, lifting weights (which has a longer impact on your metabolism), and eating the right kinds of foods.

What you want to do is think about your metabolism in every meal. There are a number of things to look for in foods that will actually boost your metabolism and get you burning more fat, regardless of their calorie content. For example, foods higher in protein and fiber are great metabolism enhancers.

For more on this topic, take a look at my recommendations for Best Ways to Boost Metabolism.

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Taking the perspective that it’s not necessary to starve yourself to get fit, I believe it’s totally possible to continue eating food that tastes good! More to this point, I also believe it’s possible to enjoy dessert that’s healthy, satisfying, and in line with your weight loss goals. Here are my top 5 healthy dessert ideas…

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