Hilarious Home Renovation Fails

We cannot fathom just how and why certain home renovations end up bottoming out into such terribly hilarious train-wrecks. These photos, classified as legit pieces of evidence, will either make or break your day (depending on whether you’re in the midst of your own home renovation crisis ). Tip: hire professionals to do the meticulous job of fixing certain parts of your house… or be ready for disaster to ensue. But hey, at least if you fail, you can keep the internet entertained, like the owners of the epic renovation fails you’re about to see did. Did we mention it was a good idea to leave this kind of work to the professionals?


Probably one of the weirdest approaches to establishing a ”strategic location.” The person(s) responsible for this renovation must’ve been drunk or just plain crazy, with their workmanship ensuring that danger is now an ever-present fixture in this part of the house.

No man in his right mind would place a faucet this close to an electrical outlet. Pretty sure you can figure out why. Try washing your hands and then plugging a cord on the outlet. What a blast!

Extraordinary garage

Is this a garage or a storage area? With the size and placement of the door, we cannot imagine how a vehicle could wiggle itself inside. This “garage” would have a mini cooper feeling like a hummer. Our only explanation is that there is some kind of wizardry involved here that our puny muggle minds can’t comprehend.

If there’s no magic afoot, then we humbly suggest this failed garage should be converted into an over-sized bin for rejected household items.

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