Hilarious Notes That Fathers Left To Their Kids

Our dads can be totally hilarious and annoying at times, like when they try to bug you about what you’re wearing, tease you about something, or crack a lame joke. They definitely have their own brand of dad humor. But admit it, we’ve learned not to take things too seriously from our fathers. And really, where would we be without our dads? Here’s a list of amusing and sweet notes that fathers left for their kids that shows us just how funny they can be!

Animal Lover

This dad’s note surely gave an impression that he is serious about the pets, and the instructions on the note are not meant to be toyed with. Hmm, it seems like dad has a favorite child and it’s a furry one! Who can blame the father, though? A dog is a man’s best friend after all, and they don’t come with tantrums (or maybe they do, but it’s the adorable kind).

Dog dads are as serious about their parenting skills as they are at being a human dad. Or maybe this father was simply looking out for both of them. But for sure, this note just shows us how a dad can always inject humor, even when giving instructions.

Another Level of Laziness

To some of us, our fathers are our mentors on how to fix things. They are the ones we run to when we need a solution to a problem. But what is it with dads and their inability to look for things—things that are often right under their noses? Hilarious, isn’t it?

This dad is no exception. He knew he kicked something under his girl’s bed but he didn’t bother to see what it was or maybe he was just too lazy. But at least he cared enough to inform his daughter!

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