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Improve your sleeping quality by change your diet habit

Insomnia has become a common problem for the modern people, and many people believe that insomnia is associated with psychological situation. In fact some insomnia may be caused by your unhealthy diet habit. In this article, the author will show you some good diet habit which can improve your sleep quality.

One, the choice of tryptophan rich foods

We have all heard of drinking Hot Milk can help to enter the sweet dreams. Do you know the reason? The dairy products contain a sleep promoting substance called tryptophan. Other rich tryptophan containing foods include poultry, bananas, oats and honey.


Two, eat a little snaps before go to bed

Carbohydrate rich foods with dairy products can increase the content of tryptophan which can help to sleep well. So, in the middle night to eat a small bowl of high quality snack helps you fall asleep as soon as possible, such as cereal and milk, yogurt and crackers, or bread and cheese.

Three, a snack before bedtime

If you suffer from insomnia, a little food in the stomach may help you sleep. But don’t no eat too much. Snacks are only a bit, too many will increase the burden on the digestive system, making you uncomfortable, also cannot let you feel at ease to sleep.

Four, throw away the hamburgers and French fries.


Five, beware of hidden caffeine

Drink a cup of coffee in the evening may affect your sleep. Even not much caffeine can cause sleep disturbances. But don’t forget to inconspicuous caffeine sources: such as chocolate, cola, tea and decaffeinated coffee. For better sleep, it is better cut all caffeine from your diet every day after noon time.

Six, pay attention to the drug may contain caffeine

Some of the non prescription drugs or prescription drugs may also contain caffeine, such as pain relievers, weight loss pills, diuretics and cold medicine. These drugs or other medicine contained caffeine may as much or even more than a cup of coffee contained caffeine. So please check the non prescription drugs or prescription drugs on the label to see if your medicine can interfere with sleep or can cause insomnia.


Seven, get rid of bedtime drink

This is a dilemma choice about alcohol: it can help you fall asleep faster, but you may experience frequent awakenings with unstable sleep is not stable, headache, sweating and nightmares. If you like drinking in the evening, it is highly recommended to dilute the alcohol’s effects by adding some water.

Eight, beware of eating too much spicy food.

Nine, reduce the intake of protein before going to bed

Protein is an important part of the diet, but it is not a good choice for bedtime snack. Protein rich foods are difficult to digest, so skip the high protein snack before bedtime.

Ten, no longer fluid intake after eight o’clock in the evening

Yes, more water in the body has a lot of good to your body during the day time, but should be restricted fluid intake before bedtime. Otherwise, I promise that you will keep getting up to go to the washing room in the night time.


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