Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning is easily one of the most annoying chores around the house. And the kitchen is one of the trickiest things to clean. Lucky for you, we rounded up some tips to make things easier. Now, get cleaning and thank us later!

Messy Ceramic Top? Use a Magic Eraser

Ceramic cooktops are really neat, and they are also a great alternative to other types of stovetops. Unfortunately, though, they’re a real pain to clean. There should be specific chemicals, products, and sponges for that, but there is also something much simpler.

A simple Magic Eraser. The sponge’s texture is perfect for oil build-up and tough grease stains. Just erase those stains away from your life!

Throw Dishwashing Liquid into Your Blender

Washing a blender can be a real headache. It is also potentially pretty dangerous. Sticking your hand into blades is never a good idea. Nobody wants blood in their smoothie. Luckily, there is a safer way around it – dishwashing liquid.

Start with two cups of warm water, add a little dish soap, and fire away. The food residue will wash away in no time. Super safe and totally efficient.

Easily Clean Your Microwave

Every now and then, you will cook something that will splatter in your microwave, leaving the inside looking like a crime scene. To clean it without scrubbing too hard, just put a bowl full of vinegar in the microwave, turn it on, and wipe down the explosives with a wet sponge!

Any microwave owner knows cleaning it can be a real pain. Plus, not all of us have the same cleaning standards, so the grime and grease can get dry and hard to clean. But not anymore!

Clean Silverware With Ketchup

This may seem a little odd, but ketchup is actually an effective polish for silverware, stainless steel, and copper pots and pans. Just squirt a little on the dish, scrub with a scouring pad, and wash the residue with warm water.

Who knew ketchup could be used for cleaning? We wonder who was the first person to find out about it and how it happened. There must be some interesting story in there.

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