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Lose Up To 30 Pounds & Fight Obesity With Only 1 Spoon Of This Spice a Day! – Nature Health And Beauty

Speeding up your metabolism is the best and fastest way to get rid of the excess pounds. Despite you should consume many natural fat burning foods, you should also pay attention to spices as well.


The research that was conducted by Medical Science University of Iran, has proved that the implementation of just spice into your daily diet, can significantly burn that fat in your body.

The research included 2 groups of 88 obese women. The participants from the both group consumed a healthy diet for 3 months and the also intake less than 500cal a day. The consumption of spice (cumin), was the only difference between these groups. The first one consumed mixture between yogurt and 140g and 3g of cumin on an empty stomach in the morning, where the second once consumed the same breakfast but just without the spice.

The results were amazing: after a period of 30 days, the first (cumin) group burnt 14 pounds more compared to the second group. The second group lost only 4.91% fat, where the first one burnt unbelievably 14.64% fat.

The presence of filosterole in the cumin prevents the retention of cholesterol in the human body which is the main reason for burning the fat. This powerful spice significantly boosts the metabolism and burns the excess pounds in your body.

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