Make the Most Out of Your Dental Hygiene Products

It doesn’t take a dentist for us to know how important dental hygiene can be. But did you know that some of the most common dental products have some unknown potential?

Colored Toothpaste

Most of us buy the classic three-stripe toothpaste but aren’t actually aware of the fact each color has its own benefits and purpose. For some reason, the manufacturers don’t explain it to us either, but the truth is, each color has different ingredients that do different things.

For example, the white paste contains ingredients that remove plaque, which whitens your teeth. The red stripe usually has vital elements you need for proper gum care, and the blue stripe holds the antimicrobial components and freshens your breath.

Toothpick Grooves

The next time you go out for some Asien food, get a few of the place’s toothpicks. If they have little grooves, then they’re specially designed and allow people to use them in public while maintaining table manners.

After you’re done digging food bits out of your teeth, simply snap off the bottom of the toothpick. The grooves are weaker than the rest of the pick just for that end, leaving you with a tiny little stand for your toothpick. It allows diners to put their toothpick down and not have it touch the table after their plates are cleared.

Blue Toothbrush Bristles

The bristles on toothbrushes aren’t brightly colored to be more appealing or fun for kids. These colors actually mean something and serve a purpose for brush users. Over time, the colored bristles’ brightness will fade, indicating that it’s time to toss it and get a new one.

Most toothbrushes have this feature (although electric toothbrushes aren’t quite there yet). Some call the colored bristles “toothbrush indicators”. They work by embedding some non-toxic dye into the outer layers of each bristle. That way, they can stand out. Blue dye is often used, so go take a look at your toothbrush and see if it’s time for a new one!

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