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Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days – Nature Health And Beauty

Today we will present you the famous military diet that will help you to get in shape in extremely short period of time. The rules in this diet regimen are strict and offer very little flexibilities like the military. But the outcome of this diet is fabulous.


Let’s start:

1st Day

Breakfast: a half grapefruit, 2 tbsp of peanut butter, once slice of toast and a cup of tea or coffee

Lunch: once slice of toast, half a cup of tuna, a cup of tea and coffee (with caffeine)

Dinner: a cup of vanilla ice cream, a cup of green beans, half banana, an apple, 3 ounces of meat

2nd Day

Breakfast: half banana, an egg, a slice of toast,

Lunch: 5 saltine crackers, a cup of cottage cheese, a hard billed egg

Dinner: a half cup of vanilla ice cream, half banana, a cup of broccoli, half cup of carrot, 2 hotdogs without the bun

3rd Day

Breakfast: 5 saltine crackers, an apple, a slice of Cheddar Cheese

Lunch: an egg (hardboiled), a slice of toast

Dinner: a cup of vanilla ice cream, half banana, half a cup of tuna

Following the rules is the most important thing in this diet. Switching lentils instead of meat or swapping fruit is only permitted. No substitutions or additions are permitted either. This powerful diet will boost your metabolism and turn it into a fat burning machine. It will also energize your body and improve your overall health.

For getting best and fast results, it is also recommended to exercise as much as you can. The preparation of this diet is simple, cheap and fast, but it will give you amazing results. The simplicity of this diet makes it a true winner.

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