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Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

motivation tips for weight loss

Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

Reached another roadblock? Think you’ve hit a plateau?

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges for all of us, including myself. And this is especially true when it comes to weight loss.

So what are you going to do about?

The truth is, there’s a lot you can do to stay motivated to lose weight. Here are my top 10 motivation tips for weight loss. Ready to get motivated?

Motivation Tips for Weight Loss: Top 10 Tips

1. Shop Smart – My number one motivation tip for weight loss is to shop healthy. The worst thing you can do is bring unhealthy junk food into your house.

2. Write Down Your Goals – Setting goals and writing them down may seem juvenile, but for most of us, creating some sort of visual is crucial. If you get your weight loss goals on paper, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you’re working towards.

3. Set Reasonable Goals – When you set goals, they need to be reasonable. I recommend setting both short term and long term goals. Reaching milestones along the way will really keep you motivated.

4. Visualize Your Goals – Once your goals are set, you need to visualize them. Whether it’s a picture of your fitter self, or a magazine clipping of the body you want, you need to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

5. Come Up with a Plan – Once you’ve set your goals, you need to make a plan of how to reach them. This means coming up with a workout schedule and deciding on how you’re going to handle your diet. And write it down!

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