#Pinkseason: 12 Pink Plants That Will Upgrade Your Home Decor

In the plant world, the green color reigns supreme, but pink is getting it’s much deserved moment. With plants having striped, speckled, or mottled variations, you won’t need to worry about your garden looking too green when your blooms aren’t in season!

Millennial pink is one of the best colors for the new generation. Luckily, the gardening world has its own. The plants that we’re talking about usually had pink foliages with a variety of texture and patterns that are both in green and pink. The two colors, by the way, compliments each other to make for an eye-catching centerpiece amidst sets of potted greeneries. 

So if you’re ready to give that extra character for your Indoor jungle or outdoor garden, bring these babies home to make that vision come true:

Indoor Plants

Mosaic Plant

The Mosaic plant also called the Fittonia Albivenis grows by trailing and has deeply veined leaves. The lines are often colored red or white that makes every leave similar to that of a stained-glass window or mosaic. These plants thrive in indoor pots, and you can even put them on hanging planters!

Polka Dot Plant

The Polka Dot Plant is a staple for any indoor fairy garden aesthetic. It’s a whimsical plant with spotted leaves that may appear in pink, red, or white. These plants grow up to three feet high in their natural habitats, but when grown indoors, they tend to be more compact and smaller. 

Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata can be easily spotted with its sword-like, long leaves complete with woody stems. If well taken care of, the tropical-looking plant can grow up to eight feet tall. The good thing about Dragon Trees is that they are hardy plants which make it a perfect addition to plant-lovers who are forgetful or always busy. 


Aglaonema is a variety of Chinese evergreen. It’s a family of popular houseplants because of their unique foliage. This specific variety has pink patterns on its left and thrives well in most types of light. But what makes it more interesting are the plants’ glossy leaves. 

Rex Begonia

Every decent plant-lover knows that all begonias look drastically different with its flowers and leaves depending on their variety. These plants love bright, indirect sunlight and hate overwatering. Placing them in well-drained soil to keep their leaves perky and colorful is a must. 


Stromanthe is a plant that looks like an optical illusion. It looks different in every angle because the top leaves are usually variegated with green and white while its underside is usually shaded with red and pink. They are naturally found in rain forests so they should be placed somewhere warm and humid. 


Calathea is a houseplant with striking foliage. It’s leaf patterns appear delicate and eye-catching which gave it the nicknames: rattlesnake plant, peacock plant, and zebra plant. Calatheas might be a little tricky to take care of, but they are worth it. 

Outdoor Plants


Caladiums guarantee owners a splash of color. Most varieties have patterns with pink veining or centers. It’s low-growing stems usually have one bigger leaf at its tips that appear to be heart-shaped. 


Cordylines thrive both indoors or outdoors. Their variegated leaves look leathery and usually have pink or white edges. Some varieties produce berries and fragrant flowers so you can look out for those. It blooms and bears fruit in different seasons so there’ll always be something new with this plant. 


The Heuchera is a perennial grown for their leaves more than their blooms. Its lobed foliage comes in a wide variety of colors including orange and purple. They are the perfect addition to a slightly monotonously green garden. 


There’s a type of Coleus perfect for every spot in the garden. Variations of this plant include ones with veining patterns, colored edges, spots, and textured edges. Coleus plants with pink patterns often have a purple or green base color. 

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