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She Lost 89 Kilograms In 18 Months, And Changed Only One Thing In Her Diet… – Nature Health And Beauty

This is a story about a young woman which two years ago had over 150 kilograms. She became pregnant at the age of 17 years and since then she has began to eat without a control. She become so fat, that more than 30 doctors agreed if she continues with that pace and eat so much food, she have less than one year of live.


She decided to change her lifestyle completely and stop destroying her life. She began to eat only cooked food which is healthy, and just healthy snacks. In a period of less than 18 months, she lost 89 kg as a result of avoiding food that contains carbohydrates and sugar, such as mild cake.
This young woman reveals her diet:

Breakfast:  two eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and small piece of bacon
Lunch: potatoes (boiled or baked) with chili and small piece meat
Snack: yogurt or some fruit
Dinner: spaghetti with cheese and tomato sauce
At the age of 30, she had pain in the back, she even can’t walk, as a result of overweight. Now she was awarded with the title “Woman of the year” from the center for treatment for people that has problem with overweight. Her problems are now history, and she have normal life and work.


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