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Starbucks Diet: Where the Trendy Get Thin

The Starbucks Diet is based on the story of a librarian, Christina Hall, from Virginia who lost roughly 80 pounds by eating Starbuck’s food.

Since this story broke, people are probably running to Starbucks thinking they can get skinny too.

History merely repeats itself since not so long ago people were flocking to Subway after Jared lost weight with their food.

But, Starbuck’s is full of sugary frappuccinos, lattes, and high calorie pastries!

How can someone possibly lose weight while eating at a coffee shop?

Starbucks Diet Meal Plan



Choose One: 

√ Spinach and feta breakfast wrap

√ Oatmeal

√ Chicken sausage egg white wrap

√ Turkey bacon and egg white sandwich

These choices are all 320 calories or less.

Most of these use whole grains except the turkey bacon sandwich.

Beverages: Black Brewed Coffee, Americano, Nonfat Misto, Tazo Tea

These range from about 0-70 calories when no-calorie sweeteners are used.



Choose one:

√ The chicken Santa Fe panini

√ Ham and swiss panini

√ Tomato and mozzarella panini

√ Roasted vegetable Panini

√ Turkey and swiss sandwich

These are all 400 calories or less.

My main complaint with these is that the panini’s are made on a white flour bread.

Beverages: Iced Brewed Coffee, Iced Green Tea, Starbucks Refresher

These range from about 0-70 calories when no-calorie sweeteners are used.



Choose one Bistro Box:

√ Cheese and Fruit

√ Chicken and Hummus

√ Chipotle Chicken Wraps

√ Goat Cheese Garden Veggies Box

√ Protein Box

√ Salumi and Cheese

√ Tuna Salad Box

Most all the choices are between 220 and 380 calories with the Cheese and Fruit at 480 calories.

Most all the boxes contain some type of fruit or vegetable.

Beverages: Black Brewed Coffee, non-fat Cappuccino, Iced Green Tea, Starbucks Refresher

These range from about 0-80 calories when no-calorie sweeteners are used.



√ Fruit cups

√ Bananas

√ Packages of nuts

These range from 80-120 calories.




Total Daily Calories: 1,000-1,540


This was the foundation for Christina Hall’s diet. She said she ate oatmeal and black coffee every morning, and then a sandwich or snack/meal box for lunch. It makes perfect sense that she lost weight doing this since her total calories from Starbucks at breakfast and lunch would only average about 600 calories.

Foods to Avoid

You must limit all of the pastries, cakes, and yogurt parfaits.  There are many beverages that come pre-sweetened (Green Tea Latte), so avoid those.

Last, milk based beverages can rack up the calories fast. Even a 16oz non-fat latte is 130 calories!

Moderation is Key

You can eat out at many restaurants and lose weight, just like Jared from Subway or Christina at Starbucks. They both ate carbs and still lost weight. For many people, it is all about how many calories you consume.

The types of foods matter, but as long as there is not too much of a diet extreme, the diet is usually successful. Once again, everything in moderation wins.

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