Steps to be happy at work

Often believe that happiness is an intangible that appear hand of fate almost like magic if we are within the group of the elect. However happy at work mind you, this does not mean it is easy and does not mean it will be the same construction in the different roles in our lives.


In line with the values themselves

One of the biggest challenges we have as a people is conquer consistency throughout our lives and through our work. The values currently own as important for us should be happy at work present in daily work. When we are not aligned with what we think and do inner discomfort leads us away from our welfare states and happiness.

That what you do you react

It is important to feel that what we do is tied to our taste, our vocation and our own self-improvement process. When the task generates in us positive emotions like motivation, commitment and sense of achievement-devote ourselves to the work brings us joy and comfort.

Benefit others

Knowing that we are adding value to others through our work, we extended the look and understand that being in work situation not only benefits us professionally and economically, but also the end of the work itself is intended for the benefit of others. It brings happiness to know that we are useful through our work.

Appropriate the task and be creative

We can do our work effectively; the challenge is to do so productively. I do not mean to improve measurement times or rates, but to take every opportunity to do the best we can do, exercising our creativity for the benefit of the final results and our own professional improvement process. Excited, do it right because, because so decide, because it enriches and enriches others.

Lifelong learning: error as an opportunity

The error has bad press; however, is the scientific method: trial and error. When we can capitalize on mistakes as part of the process of awareness and learning, mistakes, frustrations and even failures become constitutive elements of our way of improvement, relieving the pressure that we usually attribute and approaching a little more to maintain wellness labor.

Do not run with the times

Not all aspects that bring us happiness are linked to emotional management. Many elements that contribute directly to our well-being are specific tools related to the order, planning and execution in a timely manner. Target setting, prioritization of tasks and the delegation others allow us to keep in balance between all the obligations that we must carry forward.


Minimize stress

Well planned contributes significantly to lower stress levels. But what is happy at work when the contingency comes from another, outside of our own planning? This situation is common at work and, if it comes to requests or demands coming from the boss, there is no chance to refuse. Learn to ask terms and conditions of delivery is the first to locate the demand in its rightful place. Also learn to negotiate, ask for guidance on implementation and be clear communication about workload itself become practices that keeps us in welfare states.

Relations nurturing and loving environment

It is important to know that even in toxic environments strained relations work oneself can generate and sustain loving behavior that contributes to improving the working environment. We are agents of change and even less supportive environments have a chance to build something better from ourselves.

Detachment of territory and power

When we know, what we bring is valuable, it is not necessary to be recognized by others. Even when we crave (especially our boss), understand that the labor supply must exceed the expectation of being recognized achievements or authority makes us light. It also minimizes our expectations and, therefore, minimizes our frustration if recognition, territory or power temporarily absent.

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