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The benefit of eating tomatoes which you don’t know

Tomatoes have slimming, eliminate fatigue, increase appetite, improve digestion of protein, and reduce bloating dyspepsia effect. In the hot summer, a Tomato Slices with Sugar, then put it in the refrigerator to cool, that is absolutely nice food. Do you know the real benefits of tomatoes? Please read this article, then you will like tomatoes so much.

1, tomatoes has prevent cancer function

At present, there is no very effective treatment for cancer, so the cancer has already become the top killer of people’s life. In recent years, various so-called can prevent cancer, anticancer products are more and more, and the tomatoes is always on the top place of the list from the world organization of prevention or health care food recommendation. Found in a large number of investigation and animal experiment, tomato has outstanding performance in anti-cancer mainly due the lycopene.


2, how does lycopene work to prevent cancer?

First, through a series of biochemical action, lycopene can promote the cancer cells differentiation (transformed to the benign direction), inhibit cancer cell proliferation.

Second, strengthen the body’s immune function. Lycopene can promote some have anti-cancer cytokine secretion, such as interleukin II, activation of lymphocyte dissolution of cancer cells; activated lymphocytes can release cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor and so on, which have a killing effect on tumor cells.


Third, lycopene has strong antioxidation effect. The cell aging, damage and mutation of DNA has close relationship with free radicals, and antioxidants (such as lycopene) in removing free radicals, which play a systemic role in health care, including plays an important role in the anti-cancer effect.


So, another question is coming out of our mind that the more red tomatoes the better?

The more red tomato is, the more lycopene contain.  The boiled tomato is better than fresh tomatoes, because lycopene will be more easily absorbed. Research shows, lycopene rich diet can reduce bladder, lung, prostate, skin and stomach cancer and intestinal disease, and help to delay skin aging.

What is better eating together with tomatoes?

Scientists of the University of Illinois and Kolumb University put forward many compelling evidence that eating tomatoes together with cabbage mustard can prevent prostate cancer during animal experiments. So you can also take a try as it will do good for your health.


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