The importance of personal space in the couple

Having partner can limit the further growth as people. They have their own individuality the continue cultivating those hobbies that we love and have your social network of family and friends. Every day, these aspect give us the simple pleasure that complements that offered by our partner. Personal space is necessary in all relationships. That is where we develop as individuals where our interests are registered our friends and our identity. To achieve full happiness there must be stability between the space of the couple and individual we will give details.

Personal space in the couple and their significance to our emotional health

Many people think that real couples should do everything in common. That happiness is exactly in not separated at any time and split one space every moment. However this, in the long term will not be hygienic and healthy. Mental and emotional health is also based on those moments of independence, privacy where maintaining what characterizes us and that makes us happy. Let us look at the following examples to understand it better.


The need to continue to grow as people

Undoubtedly, there is nothing more satisfying than having a partner with whom to share our lives with the project to have a common future and live with her. But having a partner should not limit in any way the continued growth as people. What means to grow as a person?

The space of the couple and the individual space must not be enemies

Both you and your partner you are offered your hobbies and interests in common. And undoubtedly it is perfect to share things between the two. It is vital and satisfying. But we all know that we also enjoyed our moments of loneliness where thinking, where do our things, where to be with ourselves. It is be myself wanting to myself but also loving you.

Trusting the other is also a sign of love

This is at times a complex issue. Many people do not take kindly to your partner, dispose of your friends and go out with them. They even want to move up in their work. Alternatively, that, one day, decided to make a weekend trip without him or her. It is something that happens very often. The jealousy is the main enemies of personal space. And we must take this into account. The moment we fail to do that which identifies us that is part of our personal space we stop being ourselves. If you have your friends or forbidden to do your attention will come a day when you feel empty frustrated and with self-esteem low. Do not let your own freedom kept in the pocket of your partner. The trust is a sign of love.

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