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Happy Toast Tuesday everybody!

It’s been almost been a MONTH since Lee and I have been in the same room. I think that’s the longest we’ve been apart for TWO YEARS. Can you believe that?! We are surviving thanks to FACE TIME! Luckily she gets home at the end of the week and we will be reunited. #YAY

Any who, Toast Tuesday. I wanted to dig a bit deeper this week. Chat you with you people about whats going on in @linleysbrain. Anyone here in there late-twenties? (Ooo Ooo I AM). Twenty-seven and going strong, my party people. 

Are you in that stage of life where all of your people are are engaged, married, or having babies? I am. It’s absolutely WONDERFUL. I love my people. I love seeing my people happy. I love partaking in conversation and planning of major life stages in my people’s lives. It’s a crazy BLAST. I sometimes (in the midst of having so much fun in everyone else’s life stages) stop to take a breath only to realize that I myself am not married, with child, or even engaged…and suddenly I feel like I’m behind in life. It’s the strangest feeling and kind of a new feeling for me over the past year. 

I have always been a free spirit…like hella-free (ask Lee). I am the kind of person that moves to third world countries on a whim, tries new (sometimes crazy) things, and my room tends to always be messy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve always felt like I am where I’m supposed to be. THEN, all of the sudden… rings, weddings, and babies started happening and my heart skipped a beat and decided to tell my brain “Get going, you lazy terd. It’s time to pro-create.”, I was like…#whattheWHAT? Thankfully, I haven’t been paralyzed in that anxious state, because I have super logical and loving people around me that remind me there are no rules or regulations I am supposed to be following and to take a chill-pill.

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