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Vegetarian Cobb Salad





The other day I came across the quote, “Practice being kind to yourself in small, concrete ways.” (It’s part of a book I’m reading on creative renewal, which I’d highly recommend for those who consider yourselves creatives — and even those who don’t!) Maybe it’s a tad bit cliche, but it got me thinking. The challenge here is not an excuse to be self-indulgent, simply kind. Are you feeding yourself well? Do you have socks? A new houseplant? Have you committed to daily solitude and reflection?

Why is it that to stay afloat, it’s much easier to sacrifice the very self-care that’s essential for us to care for others in our lives? Even for committed home cooks Alex and me, thoughtful, nutritious meals are the first to go. We’ve gotten into the pattern where our “meals in a pinch” are still healthy: salads, omelettes, stir fries–but even so, there’s something about a thoughtfully-prepared meal that’s comforting. Kind.

This salad has a few components to prepare, but if a few are completed in advance, it’s simple to put together and a fantastic combination of flavors. The star is the coconut bacon: smoky, crispy and rich, against the bite of the blue cheese, the velvety hard-boiled eggs, and the juicy tomatoes. It hardly tastes like a salad, the flavors are so bold and bright–not to mention the colorful visual appeal.

For a little kindness the other night, Alex and I indulged in a Cobb salad and a cool glass of rosé on the porch. So worth the extra time and effort. And then instead of my habitual catching up on work in the evening–I read a book.

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