Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

Hair are a very important part of our body. They add beauty to our personality. There are a lot of habits that people adopt without noticing that these habits are making their hair weak and dull. Let’s talk about some of the things that lead to the hair damage and cause their dullness. You can read more about health and beauty issues at Health Magazine.


  1. Using Dirty Beauty Tools:

Using dirty combs, straighteners, brushes and irons can clog your scalp pores and cause irritation. Keep away from the expired products and utensils.

  1. Using Cotton Pillowcases:

Cotton steals all the moisture from your hair and body. Try using silk as it doesn’t acts as a moisture absorber and is also very cool as compared to cotton.

  1. Too Much Exposure to Sun:

SPF should be applied on each and every part of your body including the hair. Exposure to sun makes your hair dull and pulls out their natural color. There are certain conditioners and sprays that have sunscreen in it. Make sure to apply those before going out in the sun

  1. Improper Eating:

Improper eating also leads in damaging of hair. Keep your body hydrated and make sure you take reasonable amount of vitamin C, A and E in your diet as they are very beneficial for hair to keep them soft and shiny.

  1. Over Washing:

This thing depends upon the type of hair you have. If you have the hair that does not get rough after daily wash so consider yourself lucky. If you have thick and course hair then using shampoo over them will make it worse and nothing else.

  1. Frequent Dyeing:

If you touch up your hair after a month or two then its normal but dyeing your hair every one week or two can lead to huge damage. Chemicals present in hair dye make your hair fragile and dull. So avoid frequent dyeing.

  1. Ignoring the Scalp:

You will never have strong and shiny hair if you have an unhealthy scalp. Give your scalp a massage and avoid those activities and products that damage it.

These are some of many habits that damage your hair and make them dull. Here you can read about the ways to treat dull hair.

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