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Weight Training for Weight Loss

weight training for weight loss

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Still trying to lose weight but can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong?

Maybe what you’re missing is a good weight training program!

Many people make the mistake of avoiding weight training when their goal is weight loss. They worry about bulking up or they just assume that cardio is the best route.

But you want to know the truth about weight training and weight loss?

The truth is, weight training is probably the best thing you can do for weight loss. Let me tell you why…

Weight training is great for weight loss for a few reasons. First, just like cardio, weight training gets you moving, which means you’re burning calories and fat during the actual exercise.

You can increase the speed of your movements to help improve these benefits. Lower your weight a bit, and get out faster (but controlled) lifts at a higher number of reps. I recommend aiming for 12-15 reps periodically if your goal is weight loss. This helps you burn more calories while gaining lean muscle mass.

And there’s more you can do with your weight training workouts. If you incorporate circuit training, you can really keep your heart rate up during your gym routine. This means no rest between sets, and alternating between single sets which target different muscle groups. Supersetting is another great option for keeping your heart rate up. With supersets you can do two or more exercises back to back without taking a break in between and this will elevate your heart rate considerably meaning more calories burned.

But the real weight loss benefits of weight training come from the long-term metabolism boosting effects. Unlike cardio, which only raises your metabolism for that day, muscle mass maintains a higher metabolism even on days you don’t work out!

That’s right, the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. So regardless of whether you’ve worked out, your metabolism will naturally be higher – meaning you’ll burn more calories and fat in the long run!

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