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What a Happy Meal Looks Like One Year Later

Those little plastic toys that come in a Happy Meal are so wasteful. You’re just going to throw it away, after all, and that plastic junk will sit in a landfill for-ev-er.

But here’s the thing: If you throw the HappyMeal away, it might just sit in the landfill forever too.

A year ago, Joann Bruso began a little experiment. She bought a Happy Meal and set it on the shelf on her office, just to see what it would do. Get moldy? Start to smell? Draw in pests from near and far?Nope, nope, and uh-uh. Pictured above is Bruso’s Happy Meal on day one. See what it looked like a year later below.

We all know Happy Meals and other McDonald’s meals are junk. But, unlike flies and other vermin, who left Bruso’s hamburger and fries alone, we eat them anyway.

In a year’s time, that burger and fries look almost as unchanged as the little plastic toy they were packaged with — no mold, no decay, not even an odor. Bruso says that after a few days, the fast food smell disappeared and then… nothing.

On her blog, BabyBites, Bruso explains why this is an ominous sign:

The next time you’re tempted to purchase a Happy Meal for your child, think about these photos. Food is SUPPOSED to decompose, go bad and smell foul… eventually. When I was a kid, I remember our garbage pail for the left over food scraps was kept by our back door. After a couple of days, flies deposited their larvae (maggots) in the meat. When I would lift the lid, I would see the recently hatched maggots wiggling on the putrid mess. A fly never bothered to land on the tiny hamburger patty on my office shelf.

Food is broken down into its essential nutrients in our bodies and turned into fuel. Our children grow strong bodies, when they eat real food. Flies ignore a Happy Meal and microbes don’t decompose it, then your child’s body can’t properly metabolize it either. Now you know why it’s called “junk food.”

The next time I hear “Mom! We want to go to McDonald’s!” I’m going to pull these photos out for a quick nutrition lesson. You know what they say — a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

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