Which of These Baking Disasters Takes the Cake?

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing quite like blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. At that moment; the moment people hover around you, singing, cheering for you to make a wish – you are the center of everyone’s attention.
But then, ever so often, there’s a sly little guy that sneaks in and steals all of the attention, and not for the right reasons. You guessed it; the culprit is…the birthday cake itself! We’ve put together a list of the worst cake fails – ones that will make you wonder if having your cake and eating it too is really the way to go!

Wonderburger Woman

Excuse us while we try and figure out what ingredients were used to make this Wonder Woman cake. Is it possible that we’re looking at a beef and cheddar cheese cake?

Maybe the person celebrating loves savory more than they love sweets! What other excuse is there for using these colors when Wonder Woman’s theme colors are bluntly red and gold?

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