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10 Best Fitness Foods for Women

10 Best Fitness Foods for Women

10 Best Fitness Foods for Women

Diet is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle. And although basic rules like cutting down on fat and reducing your sugar intake are effective, there are a number of specific foods that can take you that extra mile.

Here are 10 of the best foods for fitness, all geared towards the needs of women. If you live an active lifestyle, or just want to improve your overall health, get these on your grocery list today…

10 of the Best Fitness Foods for Women

Bananas – Bananas often get a bad rap when it comes to dieting, because they’re a little higher in calories. But I’m not such a big fan of calorie counting, especially if you’re working out and staying active. Bananas are a great source of energy (perfect just before a workout), and they’re high in potassium to make up for what’s lost when you work up a sweat!

Avocados – You can’t remove fat completely from your diet. Your body needs it for a number of things, including hormone production and prevention of injury. But you should be making the right choices when it comes to fat. Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats that actually boost your metabolism and help you burn fat! They’re also really high in protein to support lean muscle.

Raspberries – Like all berries, raspberries are high in antioxidants to aid in metabolism and keep you looking young and healthy. Raspberry ketones, natural compounds responsible for giving the fruit its aroma, have been shown to improve weight loss. You can also get them in a fat-burning supplement like L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are made up primarily of water, making them ideal for women who are trying to lose weight. They’ll fill you up, and offer a natural detox. They also contain natural anti-inflammatory properties.

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