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10 foods should appear in your lunch table

What kind of food will be good for your lunch table? Lunch should be the highest calorie intake meal during the day (dinner and Breakfast quite). And considering most workers have little time to take lunch during the working day, often eating outside with fast food, therefore you should choose the food which is high protein, low fat, less salt. Here are 10 foods which should appear in your lunch food list.


1, Olive oil

Olive oil is an important content of the highly nutrition healthy diet food, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid, so it can help to balance the overall dietary fatty acid ratio, reduce inflammation.


2, Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and 2% of the protein. Potatoes can also be taken as weight loss food because of its high resistant starch. But an ordinary potato around 370g contains about each 100g has 76 calories. So one potato contained heat is equal with half hamburger, weight loss is a prerequisite to replace the staple food.


3, Beef

Beef is rich in creatine which is especially effective to increase and strength muscle. Beef is also rich in vitamin B6, potassium and first-class protein. Iron in beef is the necessary substance for human hematopoiesis. At the same time, beef can be cooked in various diversification, and each way has good taste.


4, Brown Rice

The white Rice eaten by most people often has already removed the rice bran layer, which is rich in vitamin B6 that can prevent seborrheic dermatitis, improve dermatitis of nicotinamide.


5, Carrot

From the relationship between carrot and carotenoid, we can notice the importance of the carrot for our daily health. Please remember that the carotenoids are fat soluble stuff, which cannot be good absorption by raw eating, and the better way is to cook, grinding to broken the cell wall to increase the absorption rate.

6, Hairtail

Hairtail is one of the most common delicious fish in our daily life diet list, and its protein content is about 18%, the fat around 5%, in which is most unsaturated fatty acid, which is very helpful for lowering cholesterol. The only pity is that most of the hairtail in the market are frozen, the fresh are little.


7, Broccoli

The broccoli is running the first place in many food list, as it contains a variety of plant compounds, such as sulforaphane, indole hormone, which can reduce prostate cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer risk. And the contained flavonoids also helps to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, more anti-inflammatory substances also helps to improve the immune system, and is also good for the eyes.


8, Chicken breast

Boneless and skinless chicken breast contains nearly 30% protein, also rich in phosphorus, potassium, and it is also good source to add antioxidants selenium, but fat content is extremely low. From practical standpoint, the chicken breast is cheap option of high protein, low fat food, so the white boiled chicken breast or chicken with chili sauce is the most popular food for fitness people.


9, Shrimp meat

The food contains more than 15% can be defined as high protein food, and the fresh shrimp protein content is about 20%. And the dried shrimp is more easily to store and protein can reach 45%, which is leading the list of other foods.


10, Fungus

10 grams of high-quality dry fungus will become about 150-175 g after absorb enough water, which has 3 grams of dietary fiber that is equivalent to 10% amount of one day need, which can help prevent constipation and reduce blood lipids.



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