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5 Best Superfoods to Boost Your Mood & Energy

5 Best Superfoods to Boost Your Mood & Energy

The Best Superfoods for Balance & Stamina

It’s always fun to experiment with different foods that are hitting the grocery stores and lately I’ve come across some pretty awesome superfoods that pack a punch nutrient-wise.

These five are great not for only yourself but your entire family.

But before we get to the list, let’s be clear on what makes a superfood a superfood. Ultimately it all comes down to the nutritional content. Superfoods are foods that contain more of certain vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, or other phytonutrients than most foods.

And this is why they can be so transformative. Not only can some of them boost metabolism or help turn-around aging, they can have a huge impact on your overall health – everything from how much energy you have to how well you feel. Energy and mood are just two of the things that have improved for me as a result of including more superfoods in my diet.

Think of this as a starter list for the superfood hero. If you’ve already tried a few, make sure you cover everything on this list.

Top 5 Superfoods to Boost Your Energy

  1. Coconut

I know this is a big one lately, but it really is a diet game changer. I’m just recommending coconut more generally, because this superfood comes in so many forms. Coconut is a great source of energy, and contains fats that really boost your metabolism. These kinds of healthy fats also improve mood and concentration.

Try adding a couple of tablespoons of Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil to your morning smoothie or cereal, and watch your mental energy totally improve.  Another amazing recent find you will love is Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter, it’s incredibly healthy and you can spread it on toast or even baked yam to give it an incredible kick of goodness

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