CGA PEP Workout @ Reid Hurst Nagy Inc.

Check out these Workout images:

CGA PEP Workout @ Reid Hurst Nagy Inc.
Image by cgabc
CGA PEP Workout at Reid Hurst Nagy Inc., Certified General Accountants.

‘PEP Workouts’ provide an exclusive opportunity for post-secondary accounting students to visit the offices of PEP companies to explore the vast range of career opportunities and paths for both professional accountants and accounting students.

It also provides our PEP companies an opportunity to flex and show off their operations, people and culture to business students considering a wide range of career opportunities in finance and accounting.

Radiohead workout
Image by "Radiohead" channel makes for a surprisingly good workout. I had to switch to exclusively to *The Resistance* after "Time is Running Out" came on.

Skimble’s Workout Trainer for Android!
Image by mariachily
Download Workout Trainer for Android:

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