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Exercise Tips
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Easy At-Home Workout To Keep Yourself Fit – Pushups!
Exercise Tips
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If you’re out of shape, you may think you don’t have the upper body strength necessary to do pushups. But there are modifications you can do that will make them much easier for you.

Many women do pushups with bent knees do make it a little easier. You can even do them against the wall – just stand about 2 feet away and lean forward.

It’s a great way to tone the arms and chest – which incidentally, will make your breasts look firmer!

No time to visit the gym? Here are some at-home workout moves that will give you a healthy, lean look! – No Time To Workout? Get Fit With These 5 Easy Workouts At Home

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A Quick Route To An Hourglass Figure [Infographic]
Exercise Tips
Image by UrbaneWomenMag
Getting an hourglass figure is as much about building up the right muscles as it is about losing weight from the right areas. Here’s what you can do to get an hourglass figure lightning fast!

If the above infographic is unclear, you can click on the following link for a full-sized version of the infographic -> A Quick Route To An Hourglass Figure [Infographic]

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