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Facts You Need to Know About Quinoa

eed to Know About Quinoa

Facts You Need to Know About Quinoa

Although the quinoa craze may have died down a bit, there’s still a lot of good to come from this little super food. In fact, I really don’t foresee a day when quinoa is not on my list of top health foods.

If you’re new to this healthy carb-alternative, or you just need a healthy reminder to keep it in your diet, here are 5 facts about quinoa you may not know.

As you’ll see, quinoa is called a superfood for some pretty good reasons!

5 Important Health Facts about Quinoa

Quinoa Fact #1: It’s Not a Grain at All

That’s right, although it makes for a great alternative to wheat and rice, quinoa’s technically not even a grain. Quinoa is actually a relative of chard, beets, and spinach, and the part we eat is just the seed, which is why it’s totally gluten-free. The nice part about quinoa is that it cooks up just like rice (even easier, in my opinion), and it can be substituted in recipes pretty much the same way.

Quinoa Fact #2: There are Actually Over 100 Kinds of Quinoa!

That’s right, in reality there are about 120 varieties of quinoa that have been identified. As far as what you find in the store, you’ll typically come across white, red, and black quinoa. I recommend giving them all a try. Black quinoa is a bit sweeter, while red quinoa works well in salads because it holds its shape a little better. When it comes to your health, variety is a good thing, not only for preventing boredom but also for keeping your metabolism in high gear.

Quinoa Fact #3: You Can Bake With It

In addition to all the varieties of quinoa, it also comes in many forms. Quinoa flour is one way that this seed has really transformed the way we think about food. Used in baking, quinoa flour offers a healthy, gluten-free alternative to more traditional types of flour. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the health benefits.

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