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Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe

Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth The Healthy Way

Satisfying your sweet tooth can be a difficult challenge on any healthy diet. But I’ve got a quick and easy recipe that’s sure to do the trick.

It’s a healthy, low fat recipe for apple crumble. Any time you go for something sweet, you’re always best to start with fresh fruit. Although there is indeed sugar in fruit, it’s not the processed kind of sugar that you put in your coffee, and it comes along with a bunch of nutritional content to keep you fit and healthy.

Apples are especially smart choices on a fat loss diet. They contain a number of ingredients, including dietary fiber, that boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, satisfying the worst of cravings. They make great snacks on their own, or they can be included in a dish like this one when you’re looking for something a little more substantial.

This recipe also includes oats, which are great whole grain carbs to include in a healthy diet plan. They’re also high in fiber, and they contain a pretty decent dose of protein to really fuel your muscles. Add to this the thermogenic and metabolism-enhancing cinnamon, and you’ve got the perfect sweet snack for burning fat.

Ready to give this one a try?

My Healthy Apple Crumble Recipe – Single Serving

This is a pretty simple recipe that keeps the ingredient count to a minimum, so it can easily be thrown together on a whim. This recipe is for a single serving of apple crumble, but it can easily be multiplied as needed. Here’s what you need:

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