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How to Handle Stress

how to handle stress

How to Handle Stress

Let’s face it, no matter what your day consists of, you likely encounter stress on a regular basis.

And when you’re stressed out, your health and wellbeing take a hit.

In fact, medical research has established just how damaging stress can be. In addition to making you feel unhappy, anxious, and less energetic, stress also takes a toll on your physical health.

Research has shown a variety of physical health outcomes of stress, including increased risk for heart disease, a compromised immune system, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, and premature signs of aging.

But there’s a lot more you can do to handle stress than you may think. When it comes to fighting stress, I always like to return to the basics – diet and exercise.

Let’s look at my top tips for fighting stress…

How to Handle Stress – Change Your Diet!

Believe it or not, your diet is one of the biggest determining factors in how you handle stress. At the most basic level, your diet provides you with the vitamins and nutrients needed to deal with your daily experiences. Here are some nutritional factors that are especially important for handling stress:

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