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Never eat the following 6 kinds of eggs

1, Cracked egg:

The cracked eggs can easily be bacterial invasion, and if placed for longer time, you must throw them away.

2, Sticky shell eggs:

Because of the too long time storage, egg yolk membrane ductile deformation lead the egg yolk stick close to the shell, when the combined place has already become deep black and smelly, these eggs cannot be eaten any more.

3, rotten egg:

Because the bacteria invade the egg and already have large number of breeding, deterioration, at this time the eggshell will turns to black gray color. These eggs should not eat, otherwise it will cause bacterial food poisoning.


4, Scattered yolk eggs:

Due to the violent oscillation during transport, egg yolk membrane rupture, resulting in mechanical scattered yolk or stored for too long time, bacterial or fungal invasion lead the yolk membrane rupture. It is better to throw these kind eggs away without any hesitation, otherwise it will have bad effect on your body health.

5, Stillbirth eggs:

Eggs which stop the development of embryonic processing due to contamination by bacteria or parasites, uncomfortable temperature and humidity conditions, are called stillbirth eggs. These eggs nutrition has already changed, and if the death for long time, the proteins are broken down will produce a variety of toxic substances, so it is unfit for human consumption.


6, Moldy eggs:

Some egg effected by rain or moisture will wash eggshell surface protective film away, and this will lead bacteria to get inside the eggs and to be moldy, and there will be dark spots on the shell and mold. This egg is not to buy as food.

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