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Raspberry Ketone Diet

raspberry ketone diet

Raspberry Ketone Diet

A healthy diet is something we should all be concerned about. But for those of us who are overweight or obese, diet is especially important. After all, excess body weight can put you at risk for a number of life threating illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes.

When it comes to a healthy diet, you really need to dedicate yourself not only to smart food choices, but also to the science of weight loss. And that means listening to advances in that science.

Raspberry Ketone

One of the most recent advances in weight loss science is raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone is a natural compound (an enzyme) found in – you guessed it – red raspberries, and it’s actually responsible for their aroma.

In particular, preliminary research on raspberry ketones suggests that they increase the expression and excretion of adiponectin. The more adiponectin you have, the lower your body fat.

What may be more significant for some, adiponectin also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and control metabolism, potentially preventing Type 2 diabetes.

Raspberry Ketone – A Powerful Metabolism Booster

These effects are primarily based on the ability of raspberry ketone to improve your body’s thermogenesis, or the rate at which it converts fat and calories into energy. Essentially, raspberry ketones appear to be good fuel for your body’s engine.

And the effects don’t end there. There is further evidence to suggest that raspberry ketones increase the oxidation of body fat.

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