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Stay Away From Weight Loss Miracle Pills

miraclepillsWomen who want to lose weight are always on the lookout for a way to make it happen faster and easier. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there are looking to prey on those same women. The latest dieting scam to come along has been weight loss miracle pills like raspberry ketones.

Even celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz endorsed these ineffective dietary supplements, and now he’s in big trouble:

That doesn’t mean you should get fooled though… Here’s what they want you to think about miracle weight loss dietary pills, and how to outsmart them:

Wow, I Never Heard of That Before

Raspberry ketones? I’ve never heard of them before but I love raspberries, and it says ketones are all natural: what’s not to like? There’s a reason why you haven’t heard of miracle ingredients before, and it’s not because they have just been discovered. You’re more likely to believe that they possess some kind of amazing weight-loss benefits if it’s something you don’t have any experience with.

Yes! I Can Eat Whatever I Want

Oooh, lose weight and eat all the cake? That sounds good. But the only problem is that that sounds too good. Miracle weight loss supplements are going to sell you the dream: that you can be as thin as you want while eating as much as you want. Meanwhile, in the real world, women have to work hard to manage their weight. If they don’t say you can eat everything they may say the opposite…

I Don’t Have to Eat With It

Starving yourself is never an option. It’s the mark of a truly bogus weight-loss supplement if it tells you that for it to be effective you have to drastically cut down the amount of food that you eat. It may even claim to replace the nutrition of the food you should be eating. It seems obvious to point out, but a total lack of calories would be more responsible for any weight loss that you experience while taking the dietary supplement than the supplement itself, which actually does nothing. Dietary pills CANNOT replace real food.

How Can It Not Work? It’s Scientifically Proven!

The science is usually bad if it exists at all. But what you’ll notice is that there is very little evidence to back up many of the claims that these diet pills are making about weight loss. There’s a jab at the intelligence of women hidden here: they think you won’t be able to spot the difference.

If It Worked for Her It Will Work for Me

So the dietary supplement you’re reading about seems too good to be true. But what about all these ladies who say it helped them lose all this weight? Are they liars? Maybe the real question to ask is if those women even exist. Don’t get fooled, take advice from women you can trust.

OK so now that we have established that “miracle” weight loss supplements are a scam, here is a program that really does work (but this is only for people who are serious about losing weight and being healthy and are willing to put in the work needed).

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