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8 Foods that Pack on Muscle

8 foods that pack on muscle

8 Foods that Pack on Muscle

One of the best ways to approach your fitness goals is to see your body as a machine.

And this is especially true if you’re trying to pack on muscle. In order to successfully gain lean muscle mass, you have to feed your muscles!

It’s estimated that in order to make gains in muscle mass, it’s necessary to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. So, if you weigh 160 pounds, you need to eat approximately that same number of grams of protein.

This may sound challenging, but over the course of the day, it’s really not too hard – you just need to focus on meals and snacks that contain significant amounts of protein.

This article reviews the top 8 protein-rich foods for packing on muscle. This is your protein shopping list, so get to it and watch your gains improve!

8 Foods that Pack on Muscle

1. Lean Meats – Whether it’s chicken, fish, or lean beef, animal protein is one of the best sources because it contains the greatest variety of amino acids. Amino acids form the building blocks of your muscles, so the more you get, the better your results!

2. Eggs – Eggs are another great animal-based protein source. One egg contains approximately 7 grams of protein! Although eggs have gotten a bad rap in recent years, new research suggests that they’re really not so bad unless you have issues with blood pressure. And they make for tasty breakfast and lunch options!

3. Nuts – If you’re trying to pack on muscle, nuts are one of your best options for snacking. Although they’re high in fat, they contain healthy fats that will actually boost your metabolism and contribute to your overall healthy. And they’re high in protein, so you can’t go wrong! NOW Almonds are one of your best options for supporting lean muscle growth.

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