Aloe seven beauty and anti-aging health functions

Aloe can purify air, dust absorption, so many people like indoor pot planting, but the aloe great function is not only these, and it has seven great healthy functions in beauty care and anti-aging.


1, beauty skin care

Aloe contains polysaccharides and vitamins which are good nutrition, moisturizing, whitening effect on human skin. The green aloe leaf is the most suitable nature substance for direct beauty, as it has the properties of convergence, make the skin softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, bleaching. There are lifting sclerosis, hyperkeratosis, to improve the scars. It not only can prevent the small wrinkles, bags under the eyes, skin relaxation, but also can keep skin moist, delicate, and at the same time, it can treat skin inflammation, acne, freckles, insect bites and other.

2, anti aging

In Aloe mucus is based on polysaccharide, and the mucoid substance is the main component to prevent cell aging and treatment of chronic allergic. The mucin is in human muscle and gastrointestinal mucosa to make the flexibility of organization. If the mucin is deficiency, muscle and mucosa will lose elasticity and stiff aging. If mucin is deficiency, your cell will be weak, lose the ability to defense pathogen or virus.


3, promote healing

Aloe has the effects on wound healing and artificial conjunctiva edema. Aloe juice also has the significant protective effect of the skin wounds, burns and X-ray local irradiation.

4, strong heart and activating blood circulation

The isocitric acid calcium in aloe has strong heart and promoting blood circulation functions, softening and hardening of the arteries, lower cholesterol, expanded the role of capillaries, promote the blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, reduce the burden on the heart, make blood pressure remained normal and also clear the blood toxin.

5, enhance immunity and regeneration

Aloin A, wound hormone and mannosan peptide (Ke-2) have anti-inflammatory effect, which can promote wound healing.


6, anti-inflammatory

The Aloetin contained in aloe has very strong antimicrobial effect, which can kill the fungi, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other bacteria, suppression of reproductive processing and eradication of the pathogen growth, including diphtheria, tetanus bacteria, Streptococcus pneumoniae, lactic acid bacteria, dysentery bacillus, coliform bacteria, plague, cholera bacteria and cause otitis media, cystitis, suppurative disease, polio, measles, rabies, encephalitis and other diseases.

7, removing pain

When you are suffering from finger or tooth pain, the aloe can eliminate the pain, nerve pain, gout, and it can deal with rheumatism pain and many other pain feeling. Aloe is also the prevention and treatment of the hangover, carsick, seasick etc..


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